Your mine
That’s a fact
Will kill anyone who tries to mess with that
I may not be the best role model
But I will do my best for you
When your hungry
Dad will feed ya
When your thirsty I got that too
When your cold I will keep you warm
And when your sleepy
I will tuck you in
When your scared
I will be right beside you
When your brave I got your back
When I die and go to wherever
I will always watch over you
I’m very proud of you
Youse make my heart smile
You make my day get better
As soon as I see your face
No matter how bad my day has been
I love you all
You make me proud
You make me smile.


Judge me?

I think I’ve turned out alright
Thinks could have been a lot worse
Sure I say the wrong thing at the wrong time and in the wrong verse
And I always curse
I tell my kids
Do as I say and not as I do
Don’t answer back
Coz I’m always right too
I lived life the hard way, not through choice
I want better for my kids
I refuse to ignore their voice
I’ve seen bad parenting all my life
Things are different with me and my wife
We had children coz we love them and each other
I don’t know why some people bother
I was one of those kids
Judged coz of a drunk mummy
And a empty tummy
We had rubbish clothes
And black eyes
But I turned out alright
And you judge me
When life was handed to you
You don’t know bout tough times
I rise above it
I’m determined not to let my kids
Have the life that I did
And do what I had to do
And with all that said
I still don’t judge you.


Never been the type to doubt me
Not about to start now
I have overcome more than this
And I will tell you how
You see I roll deep
Play for keeps
Take down whoever stands in front of me
I strive to survive in this madness called life
And I know god has not forsaken me
I push forward
Never take a step back
Keep bobbing and weaving
If you think I’m running from the fight
Bruv I ain’t leaving
I’ve never been the type to turn and run
Stay till the jobs done
Got no room to doubt
When they scream and shout
I have faith
That’s what I’m about
Not talking bout god
But in myself
And my fam and friends
And to that end
I have no doubt.

All grown up


Ain’t seen ya for so long
Worry bout ya though
Although your on the phone it’s not the same.
I’ve heard bout your ups and downs
And how your worlds spinning round
And I know you’ve got the skills to play the game.
You know I’ve got your back Bruv
Coz mans got nuff love
Your family is my family
We are the same blood.
I can’t believe your all grown up
I’m proud of how you have turned out
Go fill up your cup
That’s what life’s about.

Man up

Man up , was something you used to say
It’s not something I can say to you
Looking at you this way.
You were always my hero
Always so strong and tough
Looking at you just laying there the way you so rough.
I’m trying to be tough for you
To show you I’m a man
But watching you just waste away was not part of the plan.

You took on me and mum
When I was one years old
We were not part of your world
But you brought us into the fold.

Sadly mum past on
And I know soon you will too
I just know she sits there smiling
Waiting there for you.
Although you had your fights
And some of them off the charts
The day she went to heaven it broke all of our hearts.

I want you to be happy to know we all care. And we know you’ll always be there.
You don’t have to put on a fake smile coz we all know you are in pain
You don’t have to pretend with us
Coz we love you just the same.

We know the story of what adversity you overcome
Being a black guy in 60s/70s London
Must of been no fun
But you ain’t that guy no more
You climbed up from the floor
Now your kids hold the keys to their very own front door.
Let go, relax
Enjoy your final days
And when we read your epitaph there will only be praise.
We love you.

Just me

What am I to do
All I want is you
My heart is alway blue
Even When it’s just us two

When we are alone
Your always on your phone
You say it’s your mate
And you can’t stay out late
So you got to go

I think that you are cruel
Playing me like this
After just one kiss
Even though it was bliss
You got no right to hurt me

You Take my heart
Break it all apart
You were just using me
And now
I don’t know
What to do
Coz there is no me and you
Just me again.

Thank you

Thinking bout when I was a child
Left to run wild
No rules or guidance
Yet happy.
Learnt to be a man by making my own mistakes
Listening to reggae , smoking weed
Discovered woman,
Good times.
I met you when I was young
Although it was brief
You made an impression on me .
Taught me how to man up
Face my demons
That is why you will always have a place in my heart .
You taught me everyone needs a childhood
And that one day
I will be a great father
Thank you x.